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Wagenburg Lohmühle Berlin

3 MAI Incredible great collaboration of people from Queerfeminist Takeover, S_he’s Amazing Shows and Wagenplatz Lohmühle


Come to our wonderful summer spring evening full of contrasts! From intimate atmosphere to laserpunk, from aerobic for Anarchists to melodies that speak to heart and soul, from Roxette with knives to mystical voice


THE GUILT (Sweden)
Laserpunk / Aerobic for anarchists / like Roxette with knives
AUTH (Pagan*/Folk
During their intimate atmospherical appearances, Auth invokes, silenced voices and stories through melodies that speak to the heart and soul. A moment of enchantement, togetherness, healing, and in depth introspection. Auth’s mystical voice ranges and polyrhythmic drumming, inspired by traditional Celtic, Berber and Balkan music, gathers and takes you on a journey, through hidden landscapes, following a caressing breeze at shore for a moment of peace and ancestral poetry at the edge of a shamanic experience.
t’s an open air concert but if there will be rain, we have a huge half indoor half outdoor beach bar area. 

There will be WAFFLES! (vegan with and without gluten)
Entrance: donation. Please share your money for the travel costs of our wonderful artists. We will collect donations with a hat. Suggested donation: 5 – 10 €.
And to the end: DJ Tiefgarage will dig their deepest sounds out of the galaxy of their laptop!

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