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Circle of Dolphins Beach Bar #1

Fr. 23.6.2017 18 Uhr

For the first Circle of Dolphins Beach Bar of the summer we go deep to bring something really beautiful … Margins and Murmurations & Body Of Work, and Thierry Michelle plus some other surprises…

There will be Soli Summer Cocktails, and Vegan BBQ…

Margins and Murmurations: Reading
Everyone needs more transfeminist speculative fiction in their lives
Written by a trans woman and sex worker, Otter Lieffethis brand new novel puts transgender, sex work and femininity at the centre of its twisting, multi-layered narrative. In this sensitive exploration of exclusion and intimacy, control and healing, the author calls us to renew our struggles against oppression and to proudly reclaim the margins that so many of us call home.

Otter will read from her book… with a hope tinged dystopian soundtrack provided by Body Of Work….

Body Of Work: Live A/V
Body of Work is the creative partnership of non binary femmes Tom Moore and Princess4Q. as much a support group as a band together they work through pain, and trauma turning bodies into butterflies harsh noize and tender moments. This will be there first full live set…

Thierry Michelle: Voice, fiddle, flute.
Belfast based Thierry Michelle is a folk musician/folklorist multi instrumentalist with a vast repertoire of songs and tunes from France, Ireland, from ancient to modern. His music is infused with shambolic charm, and poetic wisdom gleaned from too many books and years performing as a Belfast street Musician. Thierry will perform a selection of sea shanties and jigs .


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