Wagenburg Lohmühle Berlin

Wagenburg Lohmühle Berlin

Drag Riots

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Date(s) - 05/07/2024
18:30 - 22:00

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with: Alexander the Dick – Buzukgina Laboba – Caesaria Mastropos – Ingrid Hideki – Lafert Dragqueen – Miss Stray – Puána – Trashkilla Rania – Vallien

Drag Riots is a queer-feminist migrant Drag collective based in Berlin.

What unites us is the pursuit of freedom in expressing our art by blending different artistic approaches and styles.
Our vision of Drag as a form of art possesses an activist character, and we aim for political and social impact.

We strongly uphold values such as anti-fascism, anti-racism, and the liberation of every individual experiencing oppression.
We express our solidarity with the struggles for trans liberation, with every queer person, with refugees and migrants, with working people, and with every marginalised person in all regions of the world; for a society of love and coexistence, equality and equity without powers, nationalism, religions, and borders.

We believe in the collectivisation and self-organisation of people who coexist with these values and without hierarchies, in resistance and solidarity, everywhere in the world.
We stand against heteronormativity, patriarchy, colonialism, and every system that violates the dignity and boundaries of every individual.

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